DGVE law Supports Empower

We are proud to support and sponsor Empower, a highly-rated charitable organization that supports, connects, and empowers all children and young adults who have lost a parent by offering mentorship and a range of year-round activities and programs to nurture, inspire, and help teach, “loss is survivable.”

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In 2013, Cara Belvin founded Empower in Scituate, right near us here on the South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, as a grassroots effort to bring teenage girls who had lost their mothers together on Mother’s Day. Since then, through the dedication of its passionate founder and all those who believe in and support the mission, Empower has grown into an international nonprofit organization.

Carefully matched Empower mentors serve as role models to demonstrate how loss is survivable. Empower events are designed to remind children and young adults that they are never alone in their grief. Empower supports young families rocked by the too-soon deaths of a parent by fostering connection and community with others, offering support to shoulder the tremendous weight of grief, and providing visible examples of how it’s possible to thrive after the shattering loss of a parent.

Why We Support Empower

Our firm’s mission is closely aligned with Empower’s and by supporting this organization, we aim to help bring a little more peace of mind into the lives of surviving family members like some of extended DGVE law client family members about whom we care deeply.

Explore Empower’s website to learn more about how their organization & our support of their efforts directly impact the lives of the families they serve.

How DGVE Law Supports Empower

Financial Assistance

DGVE law is proud to be an Empower Partner providing financial assistance, through charitable donations and sponsorships, to help Empower reach more sponsors and serve more families to achieve their charitable goals.

Increasing Awareness

DGVE law is also committed to helping to raise awareness about Empower’s mission and offerings for families with young children who have suffered the death of a parent way too soon. By sharing information about and highlighting Empower’s offerings, initiatives, events, and sponsorship options, we hope to help them reach more people who will also contribute financially, lend support to, and help them serve more families.

We also hope that those members of our extended DGVE law client family who have young children who have experienced the devastating loss of a parent will consider reaching out to Empower directly for support from those who truly understand.

Join Us in Supporting Empower

By choosing to work with DGVE law, know that you are contributing to a firm that values families, community, healing broken hearts, and providing genuine peace of mind. The more profitable our firm is, the better we are able to provide financial support to this and other similar charitable organizations serving our communities.

We invite all our clients, colleagues, and community members to join us in supporting Empower in whatever ways you are able. Your time, energy, and efforts and your financial contributions could help make a world of difference to a child who could really use the extra support. Join us in supporting Empower and amplify the collective impact we are able to make, together.

Empower’s Tax Identification Number: 46-3196791

Empower’s Mailing Address: 759 Chief Justice Cushing Hwy, Suite 317, Cohasset, MA 02025