Our Core Values

Our Core Values

We are committed to providing exceptional client service, delivering personalized professional legal counseling, and producing top notch legal documents as easily and efficiently as possible without sacrificing the human touch or cutting corners. We are a relationship-based, people-driven law firm, not a volume-based, forms-driven, transactional law firm.

Our mission is to create more peace in this world, peace of mind, peace of heart, and peace between the members of the families we serve.

We love providing our clients true peace of mind, helping to preserve family relationships, and helping our clients leave an impactful legacy (rather than a dramatic mess) after they’re gone.

We feel privileged to carry some of the burden and take some of the heavy weight off of surviving loved ones while we compassionately guide them through the trust or estate administration process.  Our goal is to give surviving loved ones the gift of more space to grieve while we do whatever we can as professionals to make that difficult time a little easier.

We ask a lot of questions, listen to you carefully, learn from you about you and your family first, and then give you our professional advice.  We try to anticipate your comprehensive needs and take as much of the work off of you as possible to help make sure your plan works in reality when you need it to most.

See our Core Values below, then contact us to see why so many Massachusetts families choose the DGVE law team to take care of their families, no matter what.