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Protect yourself and your family with a personalized, comprehensive, organized estate plan.

Everyone has "an estate," that just means everything you have no matter how little or how much.

It's not about how much you have; it's about how much you care.™

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Every legal adult 18 years old and older needs at least a basic estate plan.  

Every minor child's parents need to legally appoint guardians for their children.

Every homeowner and every business owner needs a plan to manage their assets in case of a medical emergency, accident, illness, or death.

Everyone with bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement savings, and life insurance needs a plan to access and use those assets in case of an accident, emergency, or death.

You need a current estate plan now to:

  • put your legal and financial affairs in order while you can - do not wait until there is an accident, an illness, or a financial emergency
  • ensure that your medical and end of life wishes are respectfully followed and less likely to cause your loved ones additional pain or stress - do not leave it to them to work it out and decide during a crisis 
  • appoint temporary emergency guardians and permanent legal guardians for your minor children so the children never have to spend time in the care of strangers through the Department of Children and Families ( DCF ) or in a foster care home
  • provide practical, parental guidance for your children’s caregivers in the event of an emergency to provide your children emotional stability and comfort during an otherwise scary time
  • provide practical, financial, and emotional gifts, guidance, and support for your growing and grown children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, siblings, or other surviving loved ones
  • provide guidance and security for your loved ones, no matter what challenging circumstances may lay ahead so their trauma and grief are not compounded by other stresses
  • provide for the continued, loving care of your dog, cat, or other pets if you are ever unable to care for them yourself
  • spare your surviving loved ones from having to go through the time-consuming, public, expensive probate court process
  • structure the way your children or other loved ones receive their inheritance so that it helps rather than harms them
  • reduce the amount of taxes that go to whoever is in office at the time instead of to your surviving loved ones directly
  • leave a lasting impact by making a gift to an existing charity or creating something special of your own

We work with our clients' other trusted, professional advisors including their financial advisors, wealth managers, and accountants for a coordinated, team approach to looking out for our clients' best interests. Our clients' best interests always come first.

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If you already have a Will, Trust, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, Power of Attorney, or other estate planning legal documents prepared more than a few years ago or in another state that you want to better understand, we can review those for you and explain them plainly to help make sure they will still work the way you want. Contact us to schedule your Wills, Trusts, & Estate Plan Review meeting.

We look forward to providing you with priceless peace of mind.

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