About Careers at DGVE law

We are always eager to connect with driven, empathetic, innovative individuals who are interested in exploring the possibility of joining our team.

Collaboration – Our small, closely-knit team fosters a supportive and collaborative atmosphere where each member’s contributions are highly valued as an integral part of our whole. We respect and appreciate one another’s uniquely different skills and abilities that combine for our collective benefit.

Client Care – Our firm exists for our clients who we serve professionally with warmth and compassion, and with whom we enjoy building lasting relationships. Our clients’ experience in working with us and best interests are always at the forefront of our minds. We try to observe the Platinum Rule in our approach to serving our clients, treating them as they wish to be treated.

Continual Improvement – We believe personal and professional growth and development are both lifelong necessities and fulfilling possibilities. We encourage and provide opportunities for ongoing learning and career advancement within a safe and nurturing environment.

Work / Life Integration – We know that our work must fit into our lives. To show up fully in our work and enjoy a fulfilling career, we must have the opportunity to nurture and enjoy a healthy, vibrant personal life. Since our firm’s inception in 2008, we have been committed to providing a work environment that supports and respects that balance.

What We Seek in Our Team Members

Integrity and Ethics – strong moral principles and a commitment to ethical practice in all aspects of your work, earning and maintaining trust of your team members, the clients we serve, and their other professional advisors

Respect for and Maintenance of Confidentiality – polite discretion in handling sensitive, private information

Passion for Client Service – genuine desire to help a wide variety of clients navigate emotionally-charged and complex legal matters with empathy and professionalism

Critical Thinking Skills, Analytical Ability, and Resourcefulness – curiosity and eagerness to learn, research, spot opportunities, and find answers or create ways to problem solve independently

Drive & Initiative – competitive drive to take initiative, fully own and independently complete job responsibilities to achieve firm goals; proactive approach to seeking assignments rather than waiting to be delegated to, and identifying opportunities to improve processes

­­Strong Executive Functioning Skills – very strong time-management, prioritization, and organizational skills to manage multiple and often shifting priorities and meet deadlines

Highly Attentive to Detail – to ensure accuracy in communications and completed work

Commitment to Excellence – dedication to consistently maintaining high standards and delivering exceptionally good client service and work product

Adaptability, Flexibility, and Equanimity – ability to adjust easily to changing priorities; problem-solving orientation to challenges; ability to remain calm and steady in challenging situations and demonstrate tenacity and persistence to follow through under pressure

Team Players – ability to recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions of each team member to the whole to contribute positively to our collaborative culture and support one another for the good of our firm and to the benefit of the clients we serve together

Welcoming to Receiving Constructive Feedback – inclination to respond positively to constructive feedback as an opportunity for personal and professional growth coming from a place of care and concern rather than perceiving it as a personal attack and becoming defensive, angry, or shutting down; willingness to deliver constructive feedback and have radically candid conversations for the purpose of improvement

Gregarious Personality – sociable, outgoing, and at ease in a wide variety of social situations; ability to engage with others comfortably and naturally within our small team and in interactions with our clients and their other professional advisors

Polished Professional Demeanor and Appearance – appropriate to our law office, the work we do, and the clients we serve

Excellent Written and Spoken Communication Skills – ability to convey information with poise in a clear, cohesive, efficient way in internal and external written and spoken communications using proper grammar and spelling

Very Comfortable with Technology – experienced user of: Apple computers and devices (especially MacBooks, iPads, and Apple pencils); Microsoft Office Suite; Adobe; and Gmail; ability to quickly learn and adopt use of other software programs we use in our office including for: real time file syncing and cloud storage; appointment scheduling; internal team messaging; and Client Relationship Management

How to Apply

At DGVE law, we recognize the power of a strong, supportive team of professionals. If you share our dedication to our mission and our core values, we want to hear from you. Your future here could start with this single step. Send us your resume and a cover letter telling us why and how you believe you can contribute to our firm’s mission to

Even if we do not have an immediate opening that matches your qualifications, if we believe you may be a good fit, we will keep your application on file for future consideration. We appreciate your interest, and we look forward to the possibility of working together.