About Us:

  • We pride ourselves on providing exceptional client service and high-quality legal services in the areas of wills, trusts, estates, and probate, which are really heavy topics requiring lots of sensitivity.
  • We strive for continual improvement; "the way it’s always been done" in the past and "good enough" are not part of the firm’s DNA.
  • Our job is to help ease the burdens of and provide our clients with genuine peace of mind. In the process, we develop lifelong relationships with our client families.
  • We are a small, tight-knit team that enjoys working together in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while maintaining exacting standards professionally. We take our work very seriously but laugh at ourselves often.
  • DGVE law believes diversity adds to the richness of life, is deeply committed to equity and inclusion, and is an enthusiastic equal opportunity employer. Our clients and team members have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We all have more in common than we do differences, which helps us create a beautiful whole from our uniquely individual parts. What we seek in our team members is a shared commitment to our core values.  Unfortunately, our antique office space in historic Hingham Square is not accessible; you must be able to climb stairs easily.
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Open Positions


About this Position:

  • At least part time on site in our little, local, law firm offices during our normal work hours Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, which must include Mondays on site, other hours may be remote/flexible as agreed; this is not a fully remote position.
  • This is not an entry level job nor is it meant to be a layover. You must have a minimum of 5 years of directly relevant professional experience as a licensed, practicing attorney, and we hope that you will find your professional home, for your remaining years of professional practice, here with us.

Your roles are to:

  • Manage estate planning, probate, and trust and estate administration client matters from start to finish, including:
    • conducting initial Attorney consultation
    • designing estate plans and plotting administration roadmaps
    • drafting legal documents (including petitions and motions)
    • lead client signing meetings
    • lead asset alignment and trust funding process and advisory meetings for clients and their other professional advisors
    • respond promptly and professionally to client communications including answering their substantive legal questions
  • Conduct legal research and write summary memos for the Managing Attorney and for clients.

About You:

  • JD from an accredited law school required
    • MST or an LLM in Taxation, Estate Planning, or Elder Law from an accredited law school is a plus
    • CPA is a plus
  • Active member in good standing of the Massachusetts Bar Association
  • 5+ years of directly relevant experience with Massachusetts and federal trust and estate planning including foundational and advanced planning strategies
    • UHNW and charitable planning experience is a plus
    • special needs planning and administration is a plus
    • elder law is a plus
    • income and estate tax return preparation experience is a plus
  • You possess a solid, foundational understanding of core personal finance concepts and be familiar with the most commonly used tools.
  • Senior Associates and Partners are encouraged to apply; we will receive, review, and consider all applications in strict confidence
  • You respect absolute confidentiality and exercise complete discretion. By applying you are agreeing to submit to background checks as a condition of employment.
  • You are articulate, poised, confident, and courteous in all your written and spoken communications.  You are instantly at ease communicating via telephone, email, and directly, face to face, with all our clients and with their other professional advisors.
  • You remain courteous and peaceful, even in the middle of a “storm.” You are a consummate professional with a professional demeanor. You are also playful, with a good sense of humor, so that work is fun even when it’s really hard.
  • You must be enthusiastically committed to learning and consistently using our proven firm processes and procedures.
  • You must be able to thrive in tiny law (as opposed to BIG LAW) as part of a small, collaborative team with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. You must be growth-minded and excited not only about your potential for personal success but also for the rising tide success of our whole team together.
  • You possess superior analytical and problem-solving skills. You are a self-reliant, resourceful, and confident problem-solver.
  • You have a keen eye for detail. You proofread meticulously, anticipate potential risks, and catch mistakes before they happen or, on rare occasion, correct them openly, quickly.
  • Organized is your middle name. You have expert level time management skills. You independently juggle multiple time-sensitive projects with accuracy and precision. You triage confidently to prioritize a large, steady volume of tasks. You manage up when necessary to clarify and re-prioritize assignments.
  • You are able to remain focused on the task at hand and manage your personal workflow amidst frequent distractions.
  • You are a flexible thinker who quickly and easily adjusts to the frequently changing priorities and deadlines inherent in this line of work. You are independently motivated and complete projects with minimal supervision while also feeling comfortable asking clarifying questions and for help as needed.
  • You accept full personal responsibility, holding yourself accountable for your own outcomes without blaming or making excuses. You are genuine, emit positive energy, and dislike gossip, whining, and complaining.
  • You have a positive self-image and present a professional appearance, including business casual attire and grooming appropriate for a client-facing position professional services office like ours.
  • You are reliable, dependable, and able to work your agreed hours with our highly interdependent team, and independently follow your own work through to timely completion respecting deadlines and keeping promises.
  • You like to be part of a team, enjoy healthy debate, and you share new ideas as well as you consider them.
  • You are hardy, can withstand law firm climate, and are not a delicate, shrinking flower.  You use and appreciate a direct, open, honest communication style. You ask questions rather than making assumptions. You are gratefully receptive to and compassionately offer feedback and constructive criticism intended to facilitate individual and team growth. You don’t take things personally. You respond professionally and remain even-tempered in all communications, internally and externally.
  • You are adaptable, appreciate technology, and are willing to learn, then embrace and fully use our software programs. You are an experienced Mac-user who is highly proficient in using the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe. You are experienced and adept operating as in a less-paper office.

Salary & Benefits:

  • Competitive compensation commensurate with your directly relevant experience and demonstrated skills you will contribute to our firm.
  • Possibility of merit-based bonuses tied to productivity and to gross revenue generation for the firm.
  • Origination fees for welcoming new clients to our extended firm family.
  • Continuing opportunities for ongoing professional education and personal, professional, and career growth.
  • Regular 4 day work-week, Monday-Thursday 9AM-6PM and no billable hour minimums; with the exceptions of occasional, genuine client emergencies, your nights and weekends and vacations are your own (provided your work is done well and on time).
  • Generous benefits package for full time employees, including: health, vision, dental and life insurance; participation in the firm’s 401K retirement savings plan; paid personal time off; paid holidays.
  • Free parking. A bright, spacious, and comfortable office space reconfigured and outfitted with safety protocols during the COVID-19 emergency.

How to Apply:

  • Send a cover letter and resumé with the Subject Line "spring from night into the sun" to
  • Do not contact the office to inquire as to the receipt or status of your application. We are unable to respond personally to every application. Should we wish to schedule an interview, we will contact you.

Trust Funding Paralegal Asset Coordinator

About this Position:

  • This is a Full-Time position (Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM) on site in our offices.
  • DGVE law values diversity and is an equal opportunity employer. Unfortunately, our antique office space in historic Hingham Square is not accessible; you must be able to climb stairs easily.
  • This is not an entry level job.
  • The job title in our firm is Asset Coordinator.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • asset alignment and trust funding to help ensure that our clients’ wills, trusts, & estate plans work, including preparing and tracking change requests, drafting deeds and related documents for recording, and obtaining tax ID numbers as applicable
  • frequent, direct contact with clients and their financial advisors and accountants
  • prepare and send client invoices and track and record payments

Required Skills and Experience:

  • clear background check - condition of employment
  • prior law firm experience (trusts & estates, probate, divorce/family law, or real estate strongly preferred)
  • general understanding of various financial accounts and ability to read and pull relevant information from financial statements
  • cautious proofreading and meticulous attention to detail
  • articulate, poised, comfortable, and confident written and spoken communications with clients and other professionals face to face in the office, over the telephone, and via video conference
  • excellent organizational, time management, and project management skills
  • ability to ability to prioritize a large, steady volume of tasks and independently juggle multiple time-sensitive projects with accuracy and precision requiring both sustained and shifting focus of attention
  • flexible thinking and easy adaptation to changes
  • Mac-user proficient using the Microsoft Office suite and Adobe
  • consistently punctual, reliable, dependable, and able to work your set hours to support our highly interdependent team, maintain consistency of scheduling for our clients, and independently follow your own work through to timely completion respecting deadlines and keeping promises

Salary & Benefits:

  • competitive compensation commensurate with experience and demonstrated skills
  • full health, vision, dental and basic life insurance
  • 401K retirement savings plan
  • paid personal time off and paid holidays
  • possible merit-based bonuses
  • continuing opportunities for ongoing education and professional growth
  • regular 4 day work-week
  • free parking
  • Excellent team camaraderie within a respectful and appreciative firm culture doing meaningful work that genuinely helps people with what matters most.

How to Apply:

  • Submit both a cover letter and your resume. Without a cover letter your application is incomplete and will not be considered.
  • Do not contact the office to inquire as to the receipt or status of your application. We are unable to respond personally to every application. Should we wish to schedule an interview, we will contact you.


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