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Contact us any time by web chat, email to, call or text to 781-740-0848, or use the form below to schedule your FREE New Client Informational and Intake Call with a member of our team to:

  • Receive answers to your general questions.
  • Learn a little about how we work & what you can expect.

Note: We do not provide probate or fiduciary litigation services after death when people are fighting or making accusations.

Professional Legal Consultation with Attorney Danielle G. Van Ess

After your free, new client informational and intake call, we will help you schedule the right kind of initial attorney consultation for your matter. During that paid, full consultation, you will receive personalized, professional legal advice about your matter.

Strict Confidentiality Policy

We preserve your confidentiality at all times. We are strictly bound by professional rules of ethics and personal conviction. We respect your privacy, have safeguards in place internally to protect your confidential information, and we will never disclose or release your private information to anyone without your prior, express consent.

Our Office

Our comfortable offices are located at 61 South Street in downtown Hingham Square, on the 2nd floor over “Artisans in the Square” and “The Coop.” We regret that our office space is not universally accessible. If this presents a challenge, please let us know so we may make alternate arrangements as necessary and appropriate.