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DGVE law cares deeply about the health of all our clients and team members and all of our extended family members, neighbors, and friends. We are also in the business of providing peace of mind and serving as a source of comfort and order in the event of a tragedy. We want to share our plan with you.


DGVE law is a boutique Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust and Estate Administration law firm.

Top rated Massacchusetts Attorney Danielle G. Van Ess founded the firm in Hingham, Massachusetts in 2008.

Our clients live all around the Greater Boston area from the South Shore and Cape Cod, to the South End, Back Bay, North End, Charlestown, Metro West, and North Shore.

Our clients have diverse backgrounds, family structures, financial circumstances, and goals but they share common values. They’re also a really amazing bunch of people with whom we enjoy developing friendly, lasting relationships.

We maintain a special estate planning focus on the unique needs of parents of young children just filling their nests, serving them with deep empathy and compassion. We also serve many families just emptying their nests and settling into or enjoying retirement with the same degree of care we would for our own parents.

We are honored to serve multiple members and generations in the same families comforting siblings and parents with the knowledge that we intend to be here to guide their children after they're gone. Just ask some of our clients and they’ll probably have some good stories to tell you; ours is a very family friendly law firm!

Since DGVE law’s inception in 2008, we’ve been committed to conserving energy, reducing paper waste, recycling, making environmentally conscious purchases, reducing greenhouse gases, and developing sustainable practices.

To learn more, just call or email us at: (781) 740-0848 or info@dgvelaw.com

Be aware that sending an email message to and/or leaving a message for DGVE law does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

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