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Sample Workshop Topics:

  1. Peace of Mind Planning for Parents of Minor Children: What You Need to Know to Protect Your Children, Yourself, and Your Stuff
  2. What to Do So You Can Really Relax on Your Vacation
  3. Spring Cleaning: Dust Off Your Old Wills to Make Sure They'll Still Work
  4. Are My Assets Covered? How to Ensure Your Trust is Properly Funded
  5. Keeping the Peace: Managing and Preserving Your Family's Vacation Home
  6. Small Business Owners' Estate and Business Succession Plans
  7. How to Choose Your Personal Representative, Health Care Agent, and Others
  8. Back to School Prep: Filling Out the Emergency Forms for Daycares and Schools
  9. Off to College Prep: Basic Legal Documents Everyone Over 18 Needs
  10. Estate Planning for Divorcing and Divorced People
  11. You Have a Lot More for Which to Be Thankful Than You Might Think: Learn whether you really just need a simple Will
  12. Blending Estate Plans for Blended Families
  13. Going Above and Beyond the Closing: A Next Level Realtor’s Guide to Home Ownership and Estate Planning

Couples who will be planning together are strongly encouraged to attend the workshop together.

Feedback from DGVE law workshop participants:

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