Legal Services for Small Businesses
and Nonprofits


Let us help you build, grow, and nurture your business™.

We want your small business to succeed because if your business succeeds, your family succeeds, and our community succeeds. 

DGVE law® is a local, small business trying to do the same.

DGVE law® starts with the end in mind and takes a very holistic approach to caring about your small business or nonprofit just as much as you do. 

Rather than simply preparing agreements or filing papers, we help you understand your options, the pros and cons, the hidden pitfalls, and the recommended approaches first.  We wear the lawyerly, buzzkill goggles to help temper your entrepreneurial enthusiasm or bolster your efforts and offer encouragement as necessary and appropriate.  Yes, it might slow you down a bit, but you also might be really glad we did before it was too late.

Most nonprofits start from a place of passion and if you are starting a nonprofit, we are here to support you in your generous efforts to give back to our communities.

With a solid background in nonprofit work, Danielle understands the big missions, limited budgets, and tremendous impact possible of most nonprofits.  We are dedicated to your nonprofit’s success and grateful to you for your efforts.

We can help you:

• firm up your business plan to see your path more clearly;

• lay your business' necessary and proper legal and financial foundation;

• make sure your business is insured from the ground up so it can withstand the tests of time and you can preserve the personal relationships with your business partners and team members no matter what challenges may lay ahead;

• choose the right business or nonprofit entity structure, incorporate and maintain your new Massachusetts business or nonprofit and its books;

• advise you on and negotiate your commercial lease or purchase;

• draft your employment contracts and liability waivers;

• protect your great ideas and trade secrets;

• anticipate problems and craft agreements between business partners to avoid unnecessary drama and unpleasant "business divorces" down the line.

We also offer a limited number of exclusive, annual retainers to local small businesses with affordable options to have your very own "outside-in-house counsel" from start to finish. Get used to saying it with confidence and without fear of the chilling hourly billing: "I want to ask my lawyer about this."

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