Moms' Secrets to a Truly Relaxing Vacation

Based on individual and collective personal experience, the following are some moms’ secrets to a truly relaxing vacation (and yes I realize these are internally contradictory, such is the nature of the thing!).  Please add your secrets in the comments below.

  1. recognize the distinctions between: family visits, family trips, and vacations
  2. leave your children behind
  3. bring your children and, depending on their ages, also bring: baby gates!, outlet covers, white noise machines, “loveys,” extra clothes and supplies, iPhone apps for kids, headphones and a portable DVD player, a babysitter or relatives who will babysit
  4. vacation with another family with children the same ages
  5. turn off and tune out from cell phones, smart phones, email, etc.
  6. leave a careful set of instructions so you don’t have to be available to answer questions or expend precious energy worrying about what you may have forgotten to say
  7. sign your Will and trust and legally name guardians for your children well before you start worrying about what to pack or what instructions to leave behind
  8. don’t over-schedule yourselves
  9. do schedule a massage!

Wishing you safe travels and happy memories!  Bula Bula!

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