Life Is What Happens To You While You're Busy…

John Lennon said it best. 
john lennon

Here we are just trying to survive the daily grind while we enjoy every other minute of it and dream of the future (all at the same time).  How many of you are reading this on the laptop on your kitchen counter with children crawling underfoot or running around you?  How many of you are sunk into a comfy chair reading it on your iPhone?  How many of you are up in the middle of the night nursing a baby back to sleep while you read this?

And if we’re not there, we’re on the floor under the highchair cleaning up the remains of one of the three meals and two snacks our toddlers enjoyed as a total sensory experience.  We’re trying to do some dishes and answer the phone while listening to our preschoolers tell us about the amazing everyday things they observed earlier that day.  We’re imagining our elementary school-aged children as teenagers and dreaming of the day we can ever sleep in on a weekend again (note to parents of older children: please do not burst my bubble here! I have to believe sleep will come again some day!).

We get so busy with all the immediate details of our lives, so caught up in planning our children’s birthday parties, coordinating playdates, signing our kids up for after school activities and lessons and carting them all over the place to do so.  We pour our everything into our families and our homes, but life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans.  If anything ever happens to us and we’re left incapacitated or dead, without a good plan in place to protect our families, everything else will just stop and likely fall apart.

My friend and colleague, Portland, Oregon Estate-Planning Attorney-Mama Candice Aiston, recently wrote another excellent blog post about how estate planning is an investment in our families’ futures.  She talks about what we’re doing trying to survive, thrive, and prepare for our families’ futures.  I invite you to read it on her blog here. 

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