Legacy Nesting™️

Flying the Nest Estate Plan

Peace of mind for young adults & the people who love them.

Who This Is For & Why

This is for:

  • young adults (about 18-28 years old)
  • unmarried
  • no children
  • limited assets
  • college or grad. school, or beginning careers

Without the right legal authority, the people you trust might not be able to help with money emergencies, even find out your condition in the event of an accident or other medical emergency, protect your online privacy, or manage what’s most important to you.

With a Young Adult Estate Plan, you can rest assured that the people you trust will always be able to help when needed.

What This Plan Includes

Preparation of legal documents to:

  • authorize access to protected medical information & records
  • empower the people you trust to advocate for you & communicate your medical choices if you ever can’t do that for yourself
  • clarify your wishes regarding medical interventions and continued life support
  • consent to organ donation and specify any restrictions around that, or not
  • explain your preferences for cremation or burial and funeral services
  • get creative writing your own obituary
  • authorize, or deny, access to your online accounts
  • make a list of who should get your sentimental stuff
  • authorize access to your bank and other financial accounts and review or pay bills
  • provide power to manage insurance policies, lease agreements, paid memberships, and other legal contracts
  • start tracking your financial accounts & laying the groundwork for a lifetime of financial organizational bliss
  • leave an easy to follow paper trail of all your accounts, agreements, and the location of important information
  • access to your medical legal documents & emergency contacts’ names & numbers from anywhere

How To Get Started With This Plan

Easy Steps to Your Peace of Mind:

  1. Text or call 781-740-0848 or email info@dgvelaw.com.
  2. Check your email to review & e-sign an agreement with us to get started.
  3. Go online to pay your flat fee.*
  4. Make your choices about your legal documents by reading through the advice we provide you as you complete your estate plan design worksheet conveniently online at your own convenience.
  5. Schedule your ½ hour meeting (via video conference or at our office) to review all your legal documents, ask any questions you may have, & receive practical advice about how to use your estate plan.
  6. Briefly sign your legal documents, following the required legal formalities (with Witnesses & a Notary Public), to make your estate plan effective.
  7. Stick around briefly while we scan and organize your original, paper estate planning package to take with you, and create an electronic replica to share with you online through your secure client portal.
  8. Receive your emergency medical wallet card in the mail within a couple weeks; make sure you take it with you wherever you go!

What It Costs

The total flat fee for this investment in peace of mind for you and your loved ones is $890.

Keep in mind that more extensive counseling, more complex drafting, extraordinary administrative and secretarial time, coordinating remote meeting locations, or shipping and handling may increase your costs, fees, and expenses accordingly, of which we would notify you and for which we would invoice you separately.

Parents or guardians may pay the fees, but the young adults will be the clients who makes all their own decisions & are entitled to absolute confidentiality with their lawyer.

Children of current DGVE law clients are entitled a 10% courtesy discount.

Parents or legal guardians of DGVE law Young Adult Legal Plan clients are entitled to a complimentary estate plan review meeting.

This fee schedule is subject to change in the future without advance notice.