Legacy Nesting™️

Empty Nest Estate PLAN

Who This Is For & Why

This is for:

  • Individuals or couples with adult children
  • Both are U.S. citizens
  • Have nontaxable estates (less than $2M for individuals / less than $4M for married couples – including the full value of:
    • Life insurance
    • Retirement savings accounts
    • Equity home ownership
    • All bank accounts
    • All investment accounts
    • All tangible personal property


  • Make sure (only!) the people you trust are the ones who will help you in an emergency.
  • Don’t let super sentimental items get lost in the shuffle.

What Your Plan Includes

  • empower the people you trust to communicate your medical wishes, make choices, manage your care, & advocate for you if you can’t take care of yourself
  • authorize access to all your protected medical information & records for context & help with insurance
  • clarify your wishes regarding medical interventions and continued life support
  • consent to organ donation and specify any restrictions around that
  • convey your end of life wishes & preferences regarding cremation or burial & memorial service details so the people you love don’t agonize trying to figure out what you would have wanted or fight amongst themselves about it
  • authorize, or deny, access to your online accounts
  • make a list of tangible personal property (“stuff” like pieces of jewelry, autographed sports memorabilia, or family heirlooms) you want certain people to receive someday
  • authorize access to your bank and other financial accounts to pay your bills and provide for your family if you can’t
  • provide power to manage your insurance policies, retirement account & other employee benefits, other legal contracts and ownership interests, & serve as your legal & financial agent for all things you would normally manage yourself if you could
  • learn how to use your Asset Inventory and Asset Organizer to start tracking all your assets & laying the groundwork for a lifetime of financial organizational bliss & peace of mind no matter who normally manages all of that
  • leave an easy to follow “paper trail” of all your accounts, agreements, and the location of important information (to spare your loved ones the worst of serving as Attorney-in-Fact under a Durable Power of Attorney during your lifetime, only, or as Personal Representative, formerly known as Executor for a man or Executrix for a woman, of your estate after death)
  • follow clear, detailed, instructions and use sample templates to help you make sure your assets line up with your estate plan so it actually works in real life when it has to work well
  • send notices with gratitude to the people you entrust to serve in special roles under your estate plan

How To Experience Peace of Mind

  1. Web chat, text or call 781-740-0848, or email info@dgvelaw.com & let us know you’re ready.
  2. Provide us all your contact information.
  3. E-sign your engagement agreement to work with us.
  4. Pay your base flat fee.*
  5. Complete & submit your Estate Plan Design Worksheet to us.
  6. Schedule & attend your 1 hour Signing Ceremony/Plan Presentation Meeting with us to review all your legal documents, ask any questions you may have, sign them into effect with all the required legal formalities (including 2 disinterested Witnesses + a Notary Public), & receive practical advice about how to use your estate plan including especially how to make sure your assets line up with your legal documents so everything works in real life (not just on paper – we are committed to your genuine peace of mind).
  7. Leave with all* your original, hard copy estate planning legal documents neatly organized for you & access an electronic replica of the same through your secure client portal to us. (*If you prefer, we will worry about where & how to store your original Will for you & give you a clearly marked copy instead.)
  8. Receive your emergency medical wallet card(s) in the mail to take wherever you go.

What It Costs & Payment Terms

  • Your investment in your safety, security, and peace of mind starts at a base fee of $3350.*
  • There will never be any surprise bills from our office! We believe in full transparency throughout the process.

*What Might Increase Your Flat Fee

  • certain choices you may make while completing your plan design worksheet – we alert you whenever that may occur so you can make the best decisions for your family
  • more extensive counseling (extra calls, meetings, lots of back & forth electronic correspondence)
  • more complex drafting, extraordinary administrative time re: scheduling / coordinating remote meeting locations (keep your fees down by keeping your scheduled appointments!)
  • extra shipping and handling costs

Our fees are subject to change in the future without advance notice. If we have an engagement agreement in effect we will never raise your fees beyond what we agreed. If we do not have an existing agreement, the fees will be according to our then-current fees to proceed.