Updated as of December 2022:

DGVE law cares deeply about the health of all our clients and team members and all of our extended family members, neighbors, and friends. We are also in the business of providing peace of mind and serving as a source of comfort and order in the event of a tragedy. The following is about both our plan and yours.


As early adopters of technology with paperless practices, our team already had everything we needed to be able to shift gears rapidly, beginning on March 12, 2020, to be able to collaborate together while providing our clients services remotely with minimal interruption. For the first couple months, we alternated working from our homes around Boston and from our offices in downtown Hingham Square, finally returning to working full time in our offices in June 2021.


Throughout the pandemic we adjusted to the rapidly changing advice and safety protocols, carefully adhering to the various precautions including requiring properly-fitted masks, frequent hand-washing & sanitizing, enhanced cleaning protocols, ample social distancing between team members, and the use of medical-grade HEPA filters throughout the office. As circumstances have continued to change, we have continued to adjust and adapt as necessary and appropriate.

Our team members are all very grateful to be fully vaccinated, though we remain mindful and respectful of the fact that some of our family members, friends, and neighbors in our communities must remain extra vigilant due to their heightened risks for severe complications from COVID-19, the flu, or other respiratory illnesses such as RSV.

Although we no longer require visitors to wear masks in our offices, if we have any concerns about our own exposure we will stay home, switch to meeting online, or wear a mask and take other precautions to protect you. We respectfully ask you to demonstrate the same courtesy for us if you have been exposed to illness or are feeling unwell.


Meeting remotely via free, secure video conferencing with screen-sharing is easy and convenient and we became adept at it over the course of the last couple years as you probably have too! We provide step by step instructions to make it easy for you to use your preferred internet browser and enable your camera and microphone access in advance.  We recommend you use a latptop or desktop if possible as the larger your screen will be easier for you to view documents we share onscreen, though you may also use a tablet or smart phone if need be.

In addition to meeting with us remotely, you may also safely, easily, and conveniently schedule your appointments, complete all necessary “paperwork,” and make all payments, any time day or night, online, from the comfort of your home. As always, you are welcome to contact us any time at:  781-740-0848 or or you may click here to request an appointment.


It is always vitally important for you as a legal adult over the age of 18 to have ready access to your own critically important legal documents, including your medical directives (to allow the people you trust to access your medical records, contact your health insurance providers on your behalf, and express your wishes and manage your transportation to or admission or discharge to or from any medical facilities). Your financial powers of attorney can also help ensure continuity of management of your bank accounts and bill-paying in the event of your temporary inability to do so yourself. 

All DGVE law clients who have completed their estate plans with us should already have complete sets of their comprehensive estate planning legal documents both on paper and in electronic format (the electronic format depends on the year in which we last saw you!). Any clients who need copies of their legal documents can contact our office for assistance. Please also remind your loved ones that our firm is here to help as needed.

If you are already a member of the DGVE law client family and you want to schedule a review of your existing estate plan, please click here.

If you are not a DGVE law client yet but would like Attorney Danielle G. Van Ess to review and advise you about your existing will, trust, health care proxy, living will, and estate plan, please click here.


Contact us any if you need help understanding which documents to use when and how to serve as a health care agent under a Health Care Proxy for your loved one, how to access medical records with a HIPAA authorization, how to pay bills and manage property using a general durable Power of Attorney or a Trustee's Certificate and relevant trust excerpts, or how to wrap up your loved one's final affairs after death.

To schedule a consultation with Attorney Danielle G. Van Ess to discuss your role in helping your loved one, or to learn how to probate an estate in Massachusetts, or how to administer a trust in Massachusetts, please click here.

Wishing you well always,

The DGVE law Team