Updated as of:  Tuesday, March 31, 2020

DGVE law cares deeply about the health of all our clients and team members and all of our extended family members, neighbors, and friends. We are also in the business of providing peace of mind and serving as a source of comfort and order in the event of a tragedy.  We want to take a moment to share our plan with you and remind you about your plan.


Our physical offices in downtown Hingham Square are currently closed until further notice.  We are forwarding our mail but request that, whenever possible, you communicate with us electronically instead. We may transmit documents between us securely and remotely; please contact our office for assistance.


DGVE law has had a remote work policy for years and each member of our team has taken time off and worked remotely previously.  We cleaned up and shut down our offices Thursday, March 12, 2020, and have been fully virtually operational since Monday, March 16, 2020. 

Call or email us any time at:



You can call, message, or email us any time for assistance. You can do an initial informational and intake call with any one of our team members. You can schedule appointments at your convenience, complete all necessary “paperwork,” and make payments securely online, from the safety and comfort of your own home.  It is fast, easy, and convenient and we are here to help  walk you through any or all of it as needed. 

For clients who need to sign their legal documents into effect, we are getting everything ready to be able to do so as quickly and easily as possible. DGVE law has been at the forefront of efforts regarding remote document review, signing, witnessing, and notarization.  Danielle has been speaking, writing, consulting, and presenting webinars for other attorneys locally and nationally on this critically urgent topic. We have worked out and successfully tested a complete process to enable all of our clients who have access to the internet to review and sign their important legal documents completely remotely and without unnecessary risk of exposure; we are just waiting for the Massachusetts legislature to revise existing law, at least temporarily, to make it legal to do so. 

Clients who have already signed their legal documents into effect can review and discuss everything via web conference for now.  We will provide you with electronic copies of everything now and hand deliver or ship your physical portfolios to you once it is safe to return to our physical offices. 


Under any circumstances it is wise to have ready access to your own critically important legal documents, including your medical directives (to allow the people you trust to access your medical records, contact your health insurance providers on your behalf, and express your wishes and manage your transportation to or admission or discharge to or from any medical facilities).  Your financial powers of attorney can also help ensure continuity of management of your bank accounts and bill-paying in the event of your temporary inability to do so yourself. 

All DGVE law clients who have completed their estate plans with us should already have complete sets of their comprehensive estate planning legal documents both on paper and in electronic format (the electronic format depends on the year in which we last saw you). Any clients who need copies of their legal documents can contact our office for assistance.  Our clients should also remind their trusted loved ones that our firm is here to help our clients and their trusted agents as needed.


As another small, local business we empathize deeply with all of the practical, logistical, and financial challenges this situation poses to your small business.  We are keeping informed regarding all the new laws, regulations, and possible avenues for assistance. We are available to consult with and make strategic referrals to other professionals for further assistance as needed.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us, at any time, with any questions or concerns you may have.  Thank you for allowing DGVE law to continue to be of service to you and to your loved ones during this challenging time.

Sincerely yours,

The DGVE law Team,

Danielle, Jennifer, Alex, and Amber